Sandy Benefit Party Night Was A Huge Success!



The Sandy Bywater Benefit Party Night was a complete success! We had so many students show up in support and also quite few parents participated. It all started off with an adult fitness class to help raise health awareness, thanks for participating parents! The kidos played some games and then were able to do a super fun Easter Egg Hunt!

When we all came together we had a very nice dinner thanks to the following very generous food outlets: Chick-fil-a, Dominos Pizza, Little Ceasars Pizza, Subway, and Frito Lay. Thank you for your donations!

Luckily Sandy was feeling very well and was able to attend. She had a wonderful idea on how everyone can get involved in helping fighting cancer. Go out and find the people you know that have this terrible affliction and just hang out with them. You don’t need to talk about the disease, just be there. Listen, talk and be friends, your care helps more than anything else!

After dinner the auction and raffle winners were announced. Once again thank you all for your very generous donations, the Easter baskets were all amazing. After it was all said and done the figures were all added up. With party night sign ups, raffle tickets, auctions and donations we were able to raise $1960! Academy West is so thankful and in awe of your generous contributions that we added $1000 for a grand total of $2960 raised during the benefit!

Thank you Amy for organizing the entire benefit! Once again, thank you all for participating! I know Sandy appreciates it more than you know!

And Sandy, keep fighting! You are brave and strong, we know you can beat this! Thanks for all you do and know that we all love you!


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