Humane Society Holiday Pet Drive

We all understand the need for extra help to those in need during the holiday season. This year Academy West wants to help shed light on the extra help abandoned pets need during this time. On average it costs $25 per day to shelter and care for a pet in the Humane Society. We are going to be taking new item donations from now until December 19th and will drop off  the items on the 20th. We are hoping to have some animals onsite for an adoption drive but that is not confirmed yet.

Please scroll down for a list of needed items. Lets make this a huge success and help these animals find a home this holiday season!

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Items needed:

– Cat Litter (Non clumping)
– Dog and Cat Food
– Kong – Large
– Peanut Butter
– Kitten milk replacement (KMR)
– Puppy milk replacement (Esbilac)
– Timothy Hay (for guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.)
– Large Dog Leashes/Collars
– Clickers for dog training
– Small treats for training
– Blankets
– Paper Towels
– Bleach
– Anti-Bacterial Dish Soap
– Powdered laundry detergent
– Sponges
– Windex
– Cleaning solutions (409, Mr. Clean, etc.)
– Trash Bags
– Essential Oils Lavender
– Wind Chimes
– Kuranda Beds

Thanks again and have a wonderful and safe holidays!

Academy West