Our Policies

Welcome Academy West!

Academy West is a family owned business and has been in the West Jordan area for 20 years. We pride ourselves on our clean facility, excellent coaches and great reputation. If you ever have questions or concerns, please contact the office at 801-282-1330 or email office@awgym.com. Thank you for considering Academy West for your family and allowing us the privilege of working with your child. We promise to take this responsibility seriously and do everything in our power to help them succeed, not only in class, but in life as well. We are making Champions For Life!

Class Information:

Go to classes / programs and click on the class you are interested in for a description.  Then click to enroll on the class that meets age group requirements.  You will be taken to the Parent Portal where you will fill out the registration form.   Monthly payments will be taken on the 1st of each month.  New students will also pay the registration fee of $25.  All families will pay an annual membership fee in January of $25.  Each month consists of a 4 week session.  Check the yearly calendar for closures.  $25 referral bonus; have your referral add your name to their registration form under ‘How did you hear about us’.  When Academy West receives the paid registration, your account will be credited $25.


  • Family discounts (immediate family only)
  • $10 off the regular class price for the 2nd sibling
  • $20 off for the 3rd and any additional siblings
  • Adding an additional class per student:
  • $10 off the regular class price for your 2nd class
  • $20 off the regular class price for your 3rd  class
 Attendance / How can I make up for a missed class?

Your child is expected to attend his/her assigned class.  If you miss class, make-ups are allowed, but you must call the office to schedule which class to attend or to put your name on the list for open gym which is on Saturday from 10 am – noon.  Limit make up classes to one per month.  A scheduled make up class cannot be rescheduled.  Make up classes cannot be scheduled the same day you call; please call at least one day in advance.

When can I watch?

We invite the parents to watch once a month; however, there is one exception: a parent is required to stay until your student is 5 years old.  Always park in a designated parking stall. Do not park in front of Jump & Bounce or in front of any garage door. Your car could be towed.

Private lessons

Most of  the coaches do private lessons. Pay in the office; the coach will then contact you to set up your day and time.  Pricing for private lessons depends on the level of training that the coaches have and range from $15 – $40 per 1/2 hour.

What should my child wear to class and the Show Off Meet?

For gymnastics and tumbling:  one piece leotard for girls.  For boys, shorts/sweats with tucked in t-shirt.   No denim.  Hair must be pulled off of the face; i.e. pony tail.  No jewelry, rings, dangly earrings.  Studs may be worn.  Leave valuables at home.  Academy West is not responsible for lost items. No gum. There will be one Show Off Meet per year, usually in July.   The class outfit is required to participate and there will be a $1 gate fee for all spectators. The class outfits will be available to purchase one month before the meet.

Dancewear:  Ballet: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair a bun.  (skirt optional)    Jazz/Technique: leotard or tight top, tight dance pants/shorts, foot undies   Hip Hop: tennis shoes, soft clothing to move in, but NO JEANS. The yearly recital will be in the spring for all dancers. Date TBA.  Exact place & time will be posted when available, but is usually held in an outside facility with a big stage.  There will be a recital fee to cover costumes and facility rental.  Dancers may be asked to provide accessories such as shoes and tights. There is  a $2.00 gate fee at the recital; bring everyone!

What can my child do at home?

Working on strength and flexibility such as push ups, sit ups, handstands against a wall (with mom’s permission), and splits would be beneficial. Don’t let your students work on tricks on the grass or trampoline. Save this for their class with their coach.


Park in designated stalls along the front and sides of the buildings and in the back behind the building to the west.  Do not park in front of the Jump & Bounce or any garage door or other designated space.  Your car will be towed. Please slow down and watch for children through the entire parking lot.

If my student needs to withdraw, what should I do?

Let the office know that you need to drop before the 1st day of the next month so that your account will not be charged. Any fees that have already been paid are non refundable.