Picnic – THANK YOU!!

The picnic in the park was a huge success.  Thank you for coming and enjoying the day with us as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!


Helping Your Athletes Set Goals


It’s so important to have goals. Having something to continuously work towards will help stay motivated and keep you progressing.  No matter how young your athlete is they can start to crate and achieve goals with your guidance.

Sometimes we see students who come to class and do whatever they can just to get through the day.  We know you love what you’re doing and love coming to class! To have goals for yourself will help you stay motivated instead of treating your awesome extracurricular activity as a chore.


*Think about the goals:

Pre season


Post season

Next season


*Write the goals down:

Writing your goals down makes it a little more real.  You can see your goals and start to take the next steps in achieving them.


*Make goals realistic and achievable:

Your goals need to be attainable. If you are a beginner make sure your goal in 3 weeks isn’t to have an advanced skill. We don’t want to set ourselves up for failure. We may want those big tricks eventually but make sure we take the proper steps to get there safely and correct. Talk to your coaches about what the next step is and what you can do to get there faster and achieve your goal.

Parents: Help your athlete understand what they need.  Take the time to sit down together and talk about what they want for themselves and what they want to achieve with the sport they are in. Be realistic with your athlete. Keep in mind their strengths and weaknesses and never compare them to any other athlete


*Have a timeline:

Timelines are very important.  We want to get to the big picture, but we can’t get there without all of the smaller goals that come before. Just like setting your realistic/achievable goals we want to set a timeline that fits.

For example:

Your have tryouts in March of next season and you need a few skills you either have never done or you haven’t practiced in a while.  For bigger or harder goals, you want to give yourself about 6 months to a year. This insures you have all the strength and proper lead ups for quality long lasting results.

If you have what you need for your tryouts but want to upgrade or clean up what you have, you may not need as long of a timeline.

Give yourself enough time.

Have a start date and an end date that you absolutely need your skill on your own and go from there.

Parents: After your student has set their goals get out your calendars. Having a good timeline also includes knowing when events are coming up and who is better at keeping schedules than parents.  Help your athlete plan time when to do extra practices and help them set reminders to keep them motivated.


*Talk to the people that count:

Do your homework.  You want to achieve these amazing goals and you will do it with the right information. Youtube probably won’t show you the lead ups, strength, flexibility and time it takes to achieve your goals. Talk to your coaches, parents, teachers, mentors, etc. and start making your goals a reality today


AW Online Store

The Online Store is at   http://teamstore.gtmsportswear.com/awgym


BIRTHDAY PARTIES at Academy West!!

Academy West now hosts birthday parties.  They are GREAT fun.  Pick up a Birthday Party Brochure and plan today for your next party.  Call the office and ask for Joni, the Party Coordinator.




December 9, 2017

$1.00 gate fee for each spectator

Performance times below:

1:00 pm performance (be 10 minutes early)

Class day & time             Character  What to wear

Jazz 1     Tue 5 pm           Dog   Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Ballet 1   Thur 5 pm         Dog   Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Ballet 1.5 Thur 7 pm        Who   Bright colored outfit, crazy hair, bright make up

Jazz 1.5  Mon 6 pm          Who   Bright colored outfit, crazy hair, bright make up

Jazz 1.5  Wed 7 pm           Who   Bright colored outfit, crazy hair, bright make up

Ballet 2   Thur 5 pm         Grinch  Green outfit, messy bun, green make up

Jazz 2     Tue 5 pm            Grinch   Green outfit, messy bun, green make up


2:30 pm performance (be 10 minutes early)

Class day & time           Character  What to wear

Intro Mon 5 pm              Dog    Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Intro Tue 6 pm               Dog    Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Intro Wed 5 pm              Dog    Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Intro Thurs 6 pm            Dog    Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Hip Hop 1 Tue 7 pm        Dog    Brown outfit, 2 buns (ears) doggish makeup

Jazz/Ballet Wed 6 pm     Who   Bright colored outfit, crazy hair, bright make up

Hip Hop 1.5 Tue 7 pm      Who   Bright colored outfit, crazy hair, bright make up

Jazz 3 / 4 Wed 6:30 pm   Grinch Green outfit, messy bun, green make up

Ballet 3   Wed 4:30 pm     Grinch Green outfit, messy bun, green make up

COSTUME NOTE:  make up your own dance costumes to represent your character.  Be creative- they don’t have to be store bought to be cute!  Pinterest has great ideas.  Bare feet.
EVERYONE: Every dancer is to bring a wrapped (empty) present that will be used as a prop in the performance.  Bring to class the week of Nov 6th so you will have plenty of time to practice with them.


SAT, DEC 2nd from 9 am – 12:30 pm.

Dress rehearsal means:  come in your complete costume, hair and make up done.

The AW Dance Team will perform at both shows.

Party Night / Sleepover

Refer to the fundraiser information for all prizes that are offered.  Thank you for your support of Academy West!!


Ages 3 & 4 years:  5:00 – 7:00 pm    $10 or fundraiser winner

Ages 5 – 18 yrs:     7:00 – 11:00 pm     $20 or fundraiser winner

Games with the coaches, pizza, tons of fun!!

Non students are welcome and must have a parent signed waiver to attend.

Sign up early; space is limited.


Ages:  8 – 18 yrs.  (Ages strictly enforced)

$35 or fundraiser winner

For those sleeping over, in addition to the above, we will show rated G movies at bedtime, have a late night snack & serve breakfast.  Please bring sleeping bag, pj’s, & favorite stuffed animal!

Pick up Sat morning at 9:00 am sharp


Tumbling Clinic

Tumbling clinic at Academy West on Sept 23rd 

12:30 – 2:30 pm * $20

Ages 5 – 18 yrs – All levels

Non students must have signed waiver

Sign up in the office early; space is limited

If you sign up for this clinic and the bars/trampoline clinic on Oct 7 (at 12:30 pm) pay $30 for both.

Must pay up front for both clinics for the $30 price.

YARD SALE/CAR WASH at Academy West August 19


YARD SALE/CAR WASH at Academy West

August 19, 2017

Dont’ miss the huge multi-family yardsale; it starts at 7 am.  Tons of great stuff to browse and purchase!  Everyone invited – come have a look and find something that you can’t live without!!

Car Wash starts at 9 am.  Let our AW Dance Team wash and dry your car for $10.

(The AW Dance Team is hosting these two events.  This is a fundraiser for the AW team kids.)

Trampoline & Tumbling Clinic

Trampoline & Tumbling Clinic

August 12 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm

$10  (this is a special 1/2 price clinic)

Ages:  5 – 18 yrs

All Levels

Sign up in the office; non students must have a parent signed waiver.  Come join the fun!

Free Picnic in the Park. . . .

The picnic in the park is to say thank you to all of our amazing Academy West student & parents! 
*We are going to have a bbq at the West Jordan Veterans Memorial Park on Sat, August 5th starting @ 11:00 AM!!     Address:  
1985 W 7800 S, West Jordan, UT
**We will have FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, a ton of games, and of course all the Academy West Staff!!
***We will also have a FREE raffle which includes private lessons, t-shirts, leotards, and more!!!
We have reserved the large covered area with picnic tables; feel free to bring your own shade tent, and/or blanket or chairs to sit on.  There are plenty of big trees for shade as well.  There is a huge play area for the kids, but the AW staff will be playing games with all the kids as well!!  It’s so fun!!!
****Come and enjoy a good time with your family and the Academy West staff for FREE!