Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

Total Body Tabata™ is high intensity interval training designed to improve cardio, stamina, muscle sculpt in 20 sec. bursts with 10 sec rests

Tabata Pop  is a combo of Tabata, jazz, hip hop, & power bar; designed to improve endurance, cardio and stamina while sculpting all muscle groups

Boot Camp is a circuit training class including running, interval training, & plyometrics

Ballet Tone & Stretch incorporates basic ballet barre movements along with sustaining skills to help tone and lengthen muscles. Second half incorporates stretching and relaxation

H.I.I.T. Combo–  combination of TBT, Boot Camp and all the high intensity interval training classes


Certified Instructors       Clean & Safe Environment         Come and see what all the FUN is about!

Monday               Total Body Tabata™        9:15 AM                                               H.I.I.T Combo                         8:00 PM                   

Tuesday               H.I.I.T Combo                    9:15 AM                                               Tabata Pop                               8:00 PM

Wednesday       Total Body Tabata™        9:15 AM                                               Ballet Tone & Stretch           7:30 PM

Thursday             Tabata Pop                           9:15 AM                                              Boot Camp                                8:00 PM

Friday                   H.I.I.T Combo                     9:15 AM

$5 drop in

 $30 monthly unlimited

Childcare drop in ($2.00 per child, ages 3 mon–12 yrs) mornings only

$45 monthly includes babysitting  – up to 2 children,   mornings only  

(Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.)