Girls Gymnastics

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Girls Gymnastics Classes

Ages 5 and older

Beginning gymnastics classes are for students 5 years and older who have not had gymnastics experience before. Skills taught include cartwheels, rolls, and backbends as well as basics on bars, beam, and vault.

Intermediate Girls Gymnastics Classes

Must pass the skills from the beginning level.  As students progress from the beginning level to the intermediate level, they progressively build upon the foundation of strength, flexibility and skills learned in the first level.

Advanced Girls Gymnastics Classes

Must pass the skill from the intermediate level.  Students will be chosen for team placement after mastering the skills in the advanced level.

FAST TRACK TO TEAM  WITH TOPS – the Talent Opportunity Program

TOPS classes are geared to ‘fast track’ young athletes to the team levels. TOPS is more of a strength, flexibility, and skill intensive class designed for faster advancement.

Tiny TOPS  Age 5 yrs

Mini TOPS Age 6 yrs 

Mighty TOPS Age 7 yrs

From the Mighty TOPS Level, students are placed on a Team Level at the beginning of a new season.

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