TNT (Tumbling & Trampline)

Academy West TNT Team : Tumbling & Trampoline

The competitive Trampoline and Tumbling (TNT) program is a great way for athletes to improve their current tumbling skills while having a competitive outlet to perform, and measure progress. The Academy West TNT program starts at Level 5.

The TNT program is a discipline of USA Gymnastics (USAG), and as such the competitions are sanctioned though USAG and our coaches meet current USAG requirements, including current background check, safety certification, and professional membership.

Competitions include events on the Rod Floor, as well as the Trampoline. TNT competes at multiple in state competitions, as well as a State Championship, Regional Championship and National Championship. Utah is in Region 1 which covers from Utah to Washington State.

Academy West has had numerous State and Regional Champions, as well as a National Champion along with numerous athletes who have qualified to compete at the National Championships. Recently Academy West had its first athlete to be named to the Regional All-star team to represent Region 1 at the National Championships.

A great way to be ready for the team experience is to start in the beginner tumbling classes and progress through each level. If you already have tumbling skills and if you are interested in more information on the competitive TNT team, or wondering if your student would be a good fit on the team, contact the office for additional information.